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If you were to ask me what it would cost to design and produce an A4 size brochure, without further information I could not give you an accurate answer. Every job is different and generally the first thing done will set the style for following jobs and deserves to have time spent on it.

What I can do is give you some examples of jobs I have done for other clients and suggest what sort of price you can expect. If you have a budget then I can work to the amount of time that allows. I am happy to give free quotes providing I have a good idea of what is involved.

Typically a logo design project would start with me spending a few hours to present you with a number of options, this would cost about $200. If you are happy with one of those options then we are on our way. If not then more options are done, perhaps in a different direction. Each process can be priced so that you can keep track of costs.