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Good graphic design is all about elegance and simplicity. In a world where everything is mass produced
your brand needs to be unique and stylish. How your business or product is perceived is all important.

  • Logo design / branding • Print and press • Posters and packaging • Web site design
brochure design
brochure design
brochure design
Advertising agencies and design studio’s can make you look good, but it can be frustrating
dealing with salesmen or juniors and it comes at a price. What you need is an individual
who has the experience and flair. Someone you can talk to directly, who knows how
to get the best result with a minimum of fuss and cost.
Someone like me.
My name is Richard Hart and I am a Graphic Designer with over 30 years experience. I work in my home studio in Caloundra, Queensland.
My business model is similar to my approach to design, keep it simple. No staff, no overheads, it means you can talk to me directly,
my work is of a high standard and my fees are reasonable. Logo design, stationary, brochures, flyers, posters, press ads, web site design.